I or Me?

Mary Mackie wote:

Some people seem to feel that ‘I’ is always more correct than ‘me’; others can’t decide, so compound the error by making it ‘myself’. The grammatical rule is to use ‘I’ for the subject of the sentence and ‘me’ for the object. But, if this kind of technicality turns your brain to jelly, there is a way round it: a simple rule of thumb is to eliminate the other person – the person who goes along with ‘I’ or ‘me’.

E.g.: Mother gave John and I some tickets for the theater. If you take John out of it, it becomes evident that this is wrong: you wouldn’t say ‘Mother gave I some tickets…’ So: Mother gave John and me some tickets. CORRECT!

‘You, me and the gatepost’ (page 40) in Creative Editing, by Mary Mackie


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