My writing is on standby, though it never really stops in my head. I felt the need to focus on the full story structure and am finding more useful to define bullet point lists of what’s on my mind for each chapter, than to start writing without an idea of what’s going to happen next.

Reading books on Creative Writing before going much further, has given me that much needed self confidence that every first time writer craves. I’m learning a lot from Mary Mackie‘s “Creative Editing”, taking several notes, but can’t wait to get my hands on all the other manuals I brought from the library, before it’s time to return them.

My husband is supporting me a lot in what I feel represents one of my biggest leaps of faith – but I know that if I hadn’t stop everything else going on in my life to just focus on my book, I wouldn’t take it so seriously.

Most of the time it’s an exciting challenge, specially because I’m writing in my second language – that makes it scarier,- but I know this is the time (no kids, no bank loans, no stress) and somehow I feel that it will be worth it.

Fighting for our dreams always is, if you really mean it and promise yourself never to give up.


2 thoughts on “Structure

  1. Hi Vanessa! Your blog title made me pop over. I commend your desire to write and want to point you in the direction of an author I enjoy tremendously. Sherry Thomas. Her first language is Chinese, but her insights in English blow me away. Don't think of your bi-lingualism as a negative. Your use of my language will probably be fresher than a native speaker.Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for your positive message, Emily :)I was thinking about that today, you know, 'maybe I can bring something new?…"Thanks again.

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