About the Money

Usually writers don’t like to talk about the money they earn from writing. I can understand that, if you give away your numbers maybe you cannot negotiate a better deal next time?… Don’t know, never been there.

I found a post entry from Susan Beth Pfeffer, someone that lives and lived from her writing all her life, and is now on her 75th book (!) who decided to share a bit more about her numbers, here.

Vanessa Condez, Note to self: Humanize.


4 thoughts on “About the Money

  1. Just read her post. Then I fell in love with her blog and decided to read a lot of what she wrote. There was this amazing post with tips for young readers. Whoa. Amaaaazing.Now you've officially became the best tool for 2010 and my writing project.Thanks! :D

  2. Hi Brenda!!If you are looking for good tips from someone with vast experience in editing, publishing and writing, check out this bloghttp://howpublishingreallyworks.blogspot.com/The blog's author lives in the UK, already worked as an editor, researcher, writer (won a few prizes) and is now writing his fourth book.On the sidebar, scrolling down, you'll find an enormous list of labels, with great relevant information.Keep writing Brenda, there's no time pressure so even if one day you just write a simple paragraph, it's a good. The more you do it, the better you'll be at it.Kisses from Ireland.Vanessa.

  3. Hello!I came to your blog by Brenda.Well, on this post, I think very valid to make money through writing, because you put your taste with something that can help you. And this is one of the best things you'll find: you do something like that, and still win it!I like your blog. I visit it more often.Congratulations!Bye

  4. Hi ojovempensante! Thanks for your positive message. I think it's really great if we can work in what we love. Unfortunately, that's not always possible, but some people don't even try, as they are too focused on the money. Writing, first of all, cannot be about the money, because chances are most of us will not get much from it anyway.Regards,Vanessa.

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