Life experience

It’s not the first time I think about the time I’ve wasted on other jobs, lingering around in different things, when I could be focusing on being a writer since a very young age if I had allow to just follow my heart.

Fighting against bad habits, like lecturing myself all the time, it’s always a slow process. (I still think it’s a positive thing when Editing, though). Some things help, like cutting from your life everyone that taught you to be so damn hard on yourself in the first place.

Reading Susan Beth Pfeffer’s own entry about how you really don’t know many things when your career has been decided since you’re six, opened another perspective on the positives on having other careers before I’ve decided to be a writer.

“The problem is I still love to pontificate, and now there are fewer opportunities to do so. The other problem is it’s always best to pontificate about something you really know about, and I don’t know much about anything. Which is what happens when you’re six years old and decide on a career and don’t spend a lot of time veering away from the original plan.”

Susan Beth Pfeffer


4 thoughts on “Life experience

  1. Even though I’m a huge WordPress fan, I’ll even surprise myself saying that I like your old blog better. The layout, I guess. Either way, I just hope you’ll keep posting these amazing things you write, such as this post! :)
    And may 2010 be your best year yet!

    • Hi Brenda!

      I really prefer this one, simple. Maybe someday I’ll add a sidebar and you’ll like it more busy. Or maybe from time to time I’ll change the header photo and you’ll find it less in-your-face LOL

      For now, it represents pretty well the momentum I’m in. Simple and overwhelming at the same time ;)

      Have you started on your novel yet?

      Hugs and kisses!

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