My bullet-point list on Motivation:

– Every day, even when you’re scared and self doubting always open your work and read the things you wrote before.

Start with little things and write what you think should be the next action to follow in the story.

– Even the worst thing you ever wrote can easily become good writing on the day you take the time to edit it.

– Readers prefer action opposed to description, so be sure to mingle the two as much as you can.

Be your best reader and your own greatest fan.

– Writing is like any other profession in the World: it takes practice, dedication and you have to do it even when you don’t want to.

– Don’t pay any attention to nonconstructive criticism, you know you’ve got what it takes.

– Your best teacher is yourself while reading other author’s novels, so never stop reading.

– There’s always a matching word for every feeling and the perfect action to convey that feeling. That’s why actions speak louder than words.

– Never sleep, eat or talk too much, but you can write as much as you want – leave the editing for tomorrow.

– Never forget to live the life outside your novel, the one they call your own, for that’s only unfold through your own body action.

Keep writing.

Here are several great tips on Motivation To Write at, I already try on a daily basis.





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