I’ve been working on refining my process and finishing some books on Creative Writing before I go abroad, for a 6-break holidays.

There are several new tips that I’ve discovered since my last post – “How To Be a Great Writer” – but because writing a serious, detailed new post entry always takes me more than just a couple of hours, I’m delaying it for when I have my new process adjustments completely figured out.

‘Till then, here’s a quote I received today, which truly inspires me:

“You are never going to get it all done – you just won’t. Rather, you will find order and peace in your workday if you accept it, and then do one more thing. Implement a system that consistently shows you what’s most critical at any moment, what to do after the critical, and where to find everything else when you need to. That system is not hard – it’s quite simple to set up.”

Michael Linenberger


6 thoughts on “QuickPress

  1. That’s actually a very liberating quote!
    I wish you all the very best in your holidays and in finishing your books (both the ones you’re reading and the one you’re writing)!
    Just wanted to say that this is the image I like best so far. And that’s you, right? Which only makes it even better… :)

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