Isabel Allende

I envision writing another post about my writing process
(new tricks and mindset) when I return from Portugal. ‘Till then, as always, I divide my days reading other author’s books, studying grammar and/or creative writing and, of course, writing my novel.

I’m currently devoting my mornings to The House of the Spirits by the wonderful Isabel Allende. In case you’re wondering, Allende writes her drafts in Spanish and then has her own loyal translator of many years to shape her words and wonderful insights into English.

I’ve read all the books I could find of this author when I lived in Portugal. Now, I’m loving her books in the english translation and already found and added to my list a few I never read before.

Her website has an inspirational Q & A and other useful links. Find it here.

In the meantime, here’s Isabel Allende’s advice to aspiring writers like myself ;)

“Writing is like training to be an athlete. There is a lot of training and work that nobody sees in order to compete. The writer needs to write every day, just as the athlete needs to train. Much of the writing will never be used, but it is essential to do it.

I always tell my young students to write at least one good page a day. At the end of the year they will have at least 360 good pages, that is a book.

I don’t share the process of writing with anybody, and when the manuscript is finished, I show it only to very few people, because I trust my instinct and I don’t want too many hands in my writing.“


4 thoughts on “Isabel Allende

  1. The athlete analogy is very good, I like that.
    The only book I have ever read by a Spanish author is “Cathedral of the sea” by Ildefonso Falcones. Brilliant story, I was so impressed I bought it for my better half in German after I read it.

    • Spanish are very passionate people and often believe in some kind of spirit and magic world that exists beyond this one. All of that, I believe, is great potential for a good book as long as they don’t carry it to the religious extreme and make it boring ;)

      I never heard of that one. Must search it up on the library someday. My general goal is to read all the books on the +50 list ( but there are always other books teasing me along the way.

  2. The book is set around the church and the building of a cathedral, which sounds boring, I know. However, think “The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follet and put it in Barcelona.
    It really is good.

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