How honest are we all with ourselves?

I don’t even care if you lie to others, there are many social-needed lies – it’s how we get along. But if we keep telling ourselves those same lies after we’ve walked inside and closed the door behind us… Can we still see the difference? The human mind is scary. I think that’s why so many days I just feel like hugging my husband and say nothing at all. Silence gives us back the most honest truths.

It should be the same about our writing.

“Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.”

Francis Bacon
1561-1626, Philosopher, Statesman, Scientist and Author


5 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Do you really think so?

    I often ‘get’ people in the in-between moments when they stop talking. That’s usually when I ‘hear’ what they meant or what it’s their truth.

    That’s why I like to let people talk a lot. I’m just paying attention to those few seconds when they stop to breath…

    I think you meant:
    The cruelest TRUTHS are often told in silence.


    or maybe,
    The cruelest lies are often REVEALED in silence.


  2. Astute as ever V.
    It’s a quote actually, by an American senator from the 50’s, (I think).
    I can’t remember his name but the quote has stayed with me.
    However, your reading and changing of it makes it so much better so well done you :-)

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