To Laze or not to Laze!…

God, I missed this place!

The views per day kept changing and growing, although I haven’t been here for weeks and only two people have access to my blog, which is proof that there’s something really off with wordpress visit counts. (Sorry Brenda, it seems your Popularity may not be real either, ’cause wordpress may be messing with you too! lol).

I haven’t come because there was nothing new to say and the rewriting got slower and slower everyday.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on with me and the only explanation I have is that is something around the lines:

1) being our own boss is difficult
2) sometimes writers get lazy too
3) i’m afraid of something, don’t know what yet…

The good news is, I guess, that I didn’t stop re-writing and editing. It is not(!) the time to do that, but I couldn’t find the will to move the story forward either, so… I guess I’m afraid I’m not good enough. I mean, I receive praises everyday on my portuguese blog about my writing (it’s an anonymous blog and will remain that way forever!) but come on! look around you! everyone writes every where nowadays and it’s not that difficult to find good writers with just a couple of clics.

The only thing serious, accomplished, professional writers have to add to that is discipline and daily focus to achieve a 140.000 to 180.000 novel. A mundane blogger doesn’t write amazing posts everyday and most of them would not survive to the challenges of writing a full book in a year. (Much less a good one.)

So I’m almost finished with the re-writing now, but before I re-start on my 2000 words schedule there are 2 inspiring events in my life:

I will have a couple coming tomorrow to visit us for 3 days.
Next Tuesday me and my husband will go on vacation to Germany.

So, see you in June!


2 thoughts on “To Laze or not to Laze!…

  1. This could be the start of great things. Your cousin’s presence will make you want to work harder, to show results. I think it’s a very positive move V.
    Very positive indeed. :-)
    I think you’re right, when you say it will bring you out of your, “slump”, lol.
    Are you going to speak English with her from the start or slowly ease her into it?

    I’ve written it once before but I’ll do it again, have a FABULOUS time in Köln and Mainz, it’s a lovely corner of Germany known for it’s friendly people and their love of Ale. Your husband will love it, I know I do ;-P

  2. Sorry I haven’t been here in awhile, but I guess I didn’t miss much…
    I hope you’re having a nice time outside the virtual world!
    And yes, the 80,000 hits must be entirely WordPress’ fault! LOL.
    I didn’t know you had an anonymous Portuguese blog… Now I’ll always try to make up ways of finding it! (Since it is another source of writings from you, which I always enjoy.) ;p
    Oh, and I finally decided to be brave enough to have a decent English blog – not a translation of the Portuguese one, as you so cleverly predicted would soon bore me to death. Check it out!
    I miss you!!! xoxo

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