The Carbon Diaries

Is it a good idea to keep on reading the same literary genre
for all our lives? Published writers advise us to write in the genre we like to read, because then it will come natural to us.

Well, my favorite package is somewhat in the lines of:

– Female writer / Female main character

– Some romance, but not a flat chick’s novel

– Weird/Original/Surprising Characters

– Fantasy/Sci-fi/Outside-the-box factor(s) to spice it up

However, no matter how much I appreciate female writers and/or female main characters, I’ve read male writers over the years with main male characters, and liked some! It made me think outside the box. So I think it’s good to have a genre and know it well to acknowledge the genre we should be writing in, but it’s also good to broaden our reads.

Should we also read other age-targeted books from time to time? Well, that was what happened with The Harry Potter Series and The Twilight Saga books, all first targeted at young adults, but soon after reaching readers of all age groups.

That’s why I’ve been reading “The Carbon Diaries 2015” and “The Carbon Diaries 2017”, a teenage UK saga set in a near future where the writer, Saci Lloyd, explores the idea of how the UK’s going to be “the first nation to introduce carbon dioxide rations, in a drastic bid to cut greenhouse gas emissions”. I’ve chosen this two books to read because the issues in this story can still become a reality and the Carbon Footprint is very real to all of us who chose not to ignore it. But because it’s a teen’s book it’s a very light, casual and dare I say FUN reading, like all teenage diaries are should be, right? It’s also an easy way to understand how this problem affects us all.

The author cleverly deals with the main character’s love dilemmas and school daily life to avoid talking about politics and environment all the time, yet giving us a real sense of how Planet Earth’s changing and humans are forced to change with it, going into rationing.

It’s a read I recommend if you care about the environment and most definitely if you are a teenager or enjoy reading about one.

Here’s a review of these books by HackWriters that I find very accurate if you’d like to know more about this read.

The International Writers Magazine: Young Adult Fiction Review


8 thoughts on “The Carbon Diaries

  1. Yeah, I think is too environment friendly for my taste… Not that I don’t care for the environment; but still. It kinda reminded me of the YA trilogy I’m reading at the moment, “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld. It is also a bit (okay, a lot) futuristic and I’m really enjoying it this far. You should read it! :)

  2. It sounds like you enjoy roughly the same sort of books I do. “Sympathy for the Devil” is an awesome one along those lines. Female protagonist. Female author. Romance woven into a major storyline involving God answering a woman’s prayer. (She asked that every soul in hell get a second chance. He answered it by paroling a portion of hell in her home state…)

    Not a bad book. ^^

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