What was it about?

It hasn’t been a year, but it sure feels like 12 months have passed since I first started studying Creative Writing. One thing that happened with this blog, unfortunately, is that I seem to have forgotten the real reason why I first started it. From what I can see on the web, this happens a lot to bloggers. When I open their About Page or read one’s first post, I rarely see the connection between the blogger’s first intentions and the direction the posts took over time. Maybe that’s why there’s a lot of crap out there.

Opposite to what happens when you’re writing your first full-length manuscript in a stream of consciousness, blogs often bore into ramblings of someone with not much to talk about – they aren’t creative at all. Words, sentences, full paragraphs are thrown into this waste bin we call internet for the sake of another post. I didn’t want this blog to become some waste of cyber space, although I fear it already did. I published less and less, until I only did one post a month.  Only recently, I remembered my blog had a purpose, and a damn good one.

There are (still) no books on Creative Writing – in English – for Foreigners; I (still) have a lot to share; I’m someone who shifted her world upside down to learn not only another language, but another culture. Have you noticed that there are so many different cultures within countries that have English as their official language? So many ways of spelling words, referring to objects, adding meaning… really, for all you native english speakers out there, it’s harder than you can possible imagine to organize one’s thoughts in a way that all of you will understand and appreciate without judgment, as if I am one of you. For starters, in the UK that would have to be ‘organise’, with an ‘s’… but don’t get me started just yet…

So here’s to new beginnings. Whenever I have the time to share useful tips of personal discoveries I’ve made along the way, thoughts for english writers when english is not our first language, (who knows if an english speaking ‘native’ would find it interesting?) I’ll continue on the path that first led me to create this blog. As I wrote on my About Page, in 2009:

I wish I had a book to help me on this journey of writing a novel in English.

4 thoughts on “What was it about?

  1. Ooh, I feel bad now ’cause I just wrote a post changing the direction of my So Brazilian! blog. Lol! But I do get what you mean. Maybe bloggers in general (who am I kidding? We humans, in general) are just people constantly evolving and changing – and perhaps this reflects on our virtual pages. I do agree, however, that if you have a blog with a theme, you should stick to it or start a new one. (I just made up a new purpose that kinda fits with the old theme, though. Hypocrisy much?)

    Anyway… I can’t wait until exams are over (43 more days! 43 more days!) so I can start endulging on a summer of books, writing, and reading on Creative Writing. Just today I saw one of the books you’ve recommended at my local library and my fingers were itching to grab ahold of it. ;p

    Brazilian love from Australia!

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