The Thank You Book

Brenda Nepomuceno: I think you would absolutely love this!

Eason’s is the largest bookstore and stationery retailer in Ireland. Penny’s is the largest chain of affordable clothes’ store in Ireland, super cheap but still looking like high fashion. With that said, Eason’s is to me what Penny’s is to turist women on a holiday in Ireland. I go crazy in Easons! I want to buy everything, find everything super cute, super useful or super inspirational.

I just came from another trip to the city center and, of course, had to pass by Eason’s.  Amongst other things too boring for you to read about, I bought: a pen with the engraved sentence “Write masterpiece with.” by Waldo Pancake; a mug with the sentence “Live. Believe. Worry a bit.” by Waldo Pancake; a pocket-size little notebook, to have in my purse, with the sentence “Caution: contents might be boring.” by Waldo Pancake; AND “The Thank You Book”It’s actually a notebook to record one’s daily life but always in a positive way. It’s also adorable: no one page the same and it has quotes from different authors sprinkled everywhere. It’s also an act of charity as I’m helping its publisher, The Irish Hospice Foundation, with each purchase.

Peek inside, here!


2 thoughts on “The Thank You Book

  1. You know me too well. It’s adorable, uplifting, for a good cause… and it is made out of paper. Could it get any better?
    I also love the pen you bought. I think that’s what I need to start writing! Just kidding. I just got accepted into a Creative Writing course for University next year. Now I just have to wait to see if UniMelb’s Arts also accepts me, otherwise I’m just going straight into this Creative Writing degree. Wish me luck! xoxo

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