You are here.

Although poems were the first genre of creative writing I wrote, at seven, and I wrote them often throughout all my childhood and adolescence, I don’t know where most of them are, and after those years of discovery I only took poetry seriously again in 2016.

I never studied poetry of any kind and never understood why some people choose to explain what they’ve written. For me, the only pleasure in poems is precisely the same found in lyrics, that is: how they can be subjective enough to fit in whatever context you understand them to be. But because some people fall in love more deeply when love is explained to them… here’s that:

You Are Here was originally written in Portuguese in September 2006,  and dedicated to my (now) husband in a time when we had been friends for years but were always in other relationships. You Are Here was written when we finally understood that we were meant for each other. We only figured that out when we finally found ourselves single and spending all our free time together. Yet, being friends for so long, we didn’t want to risk it and would feel as a waste if it’d turn out to be just a flick or, even worse, “needingness”. This poem was the realization of the inevitable.

Your Are Here

Fingers squeeze on my hand
trying to draw the air between them
urging your presence near mine

Hair along my arms shivers
Eyes meet, tremble
knees, thighs, inside…

You are here.

But there’s time—it runs so fast,
But there’s the fear of not knowing how to follow it
There’s logic unfolding on infinite accounts
And friendship we cherish, there’s respect

But your gaze is so sweet
The way you love so genuine
Pieces I take from you afar
Are great enough to be near

Because you are here.

I lose track of distance, of fear.
I breathe outside Time
When I see you also tremble inside
I see the sweet folly of indulging

In your breath, your mouth, your saliva
The warm of your embrace
The sweetness of your smile in mine
And nothing makes more sense than all of this
I smile because I see it now, I’m free
It’s me, in you, and you, in me

Because you were always here.



7 thoughts on “You are here.

  1. Well considering it was originally written in Portuguese it translates remarkably well V. The rhythm is a bit shoky shaky, (due to it being a translated piece) but the metaphor works nicely.
    Very nice.
    Reg :-)
    PS I particulary particularly liked the line,
    “I smile for I only see it know, I’m free
    It’s me, in you, and you, in me

    You were always here.”

    Great ending.

  2. Thanks.
    Yes, it was a bit hard to translate… specially because sentences in portuguese are written with a completely different order of words most of the time, and that broke the original pace of it all. I had to fiddle with it a little bit to make it, at least, understandable. I wish I knew how professional translators do it with poetry. I mean, can we change several words and adjust the meanings or should we stick to the original word-by-word and as much as we can? Some words would sound weird in english, they have a different usage in portuguese, even if a direct and exact translation does exist.

    Didn’t spot your spelling mistakes… let me know and I’ll correct them for you (and learn a bit on the way).

  3. lol

    I just assumed it was some expression from Wales! lol

    Corrected! Found another one by the way, because the browser said so… look up and see if the browser is correct to correct you on that one.

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