Unpretentious 12 hours

If you were a character from a TV-Series, who would you be? If you could live in a parallel world when you went to sleep, where you didn’t need sleep at all; if it were normal for everyone to have two lives intertwined, 12 hours here and 12 hours there, where else would you be?

Only one TV-Series truly broke my heart when it was cancelled: Men in Trees. The producers tried to tie some loose ends and give a sense of closure in the last episode, but Marin’s path remained open to me. My imagination urges me to continue her story since then. Tucked between my sheets at night, I stumble over reality and get myself lost in an Alaskan city where time ticks by at a much slower pace and nobody cares what I do for a living, when I plan to have kids or where I’m moving to next. (Wait, nobody cares already, but me.)

My Alaskan dream is not paradise, but someplace much less pretentious. Like Marin, I’m a writer — I write from the heart, my english is perfect and I ride my bicycle when I need to clear my thoughts — life’s uncomplicated like that. In that parallel life, I don’t need anything else but what I already have; I don’t need super powers, I don’t even need to sleep. Sleep’s a waste. But most of all, I don’t have to think about myself. My mind is clear to wonder and listen to everyone else and I think in a way that would be the best super power of all. No needs, no pressures, no disappointments, just an open and stable path where I’d know where I stand, because the Welcome Home mat would always be laying over the same porch, and I would always receive mail at the same address, and I could plan my whole future from that porch, sitting on a rocking chair, sipping a cup of warm herbal tea, watching the sun rise, planning how to start the next paragraph on my book… at least for those 12 hours each day.

But maybe, the book I’d be writing would be this story, the one I’m living now. Where girl meets boy, falls in love and decides to spend the rest of her life following him around, unbound to any zip code, coin or cardboard signs. And for 12 hours each day, that life would seem amazing.


5 thoughts on “Unpretentious 12 hours

  1. I’m a bit like you on the sleep thing.
    It’s a waste of time, and I go for days on end trying to eke out as much life as I can before giving up and surrendering to my body’s needs, (needs, I might add, that are becoming more demanding as the big 50 looms on the horizon).
    I have no alternative life, just the one given to me, and despite the constraints imposed by work, house, family etc, I DO milk it for what I can get :-)

  2. You have a very interesting way of thinking. I really like it… I believe we have all had this thought at one time or another. I would like to be with God for those 12 hours.

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