Small Children / Fantasy
First Draft

Jimmy wished toothpaste tasted like the ocean. Not the vinegar-salty aftertaste, but that other feeling. How could he explain?… Like when he stayed under water, and his dad was counting the time, and he opened his lips just a bit, stick is tongue out for a second, and it stopped being his tongue — THAT taste!

He often wondered how it would be if his whole bedroom was under water; his whole neighborhood; the WORLD! from his house to school to the park and back!

And then it happened. In this one night, as Jimmy carefully layered a wave of ocean toothpaste onto his toothbrush… as he guided the toothbrush swirling in the air like a tornado into his open mouth… and as he started brushing his teeth back-and-forward-left-and-right, fast, faster, like waves of an angry sea, at exactly that same time (that time exactly) so did everyone else in the world — and Jimmy heard THUNDER!

— to be continued by me, or you… —

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