Working Title: Hair

Adult / Thriller
First Draft

She was beautiful. With her thin and floaty hair… the breeze couldn’t get enough of it. It was hard to understand if she knew that she was beautiful, and what he felt about her beauty changed in regards to what she thought of herself. Wasn’t it like this for everyone? If he said he was handsome he would be seen as vain, over-confident, and soon enough people would be on the lookout for everything that was actually wrong with his face, but if he said beauty was not his best trait, women would find him sweet and adorable, “actually not that bad.”

He hated women.

Did he hate women? How can you need something you hate, or vice-versa? He had been looking for the right pen to write love letters to Julie. Julie was the new girl he was seeing. Needy, but good to the touch. He needed that female softness of skin and hair under his fingers in order to come, and Julie was just the case. He could use her hip as a pillow; with her short legs and strong hips she wouldn’t mind. She would actually love it. Everything that gave Julie physical usefulness seamed to turn on her best qualities. That girl was patient, loving, giving, open minded, and whatever came out of that mouth sounded wise in a simple way — which also turned him on. But there was this thing about Julie… if she wasn’t doing whichever physical project she was on that week — and they were so many — or if they were not having sex, Julie became an animal to avoid. How a soft, delicate little creature could become so unbearable overnight was beyond his understanding. But Nieve, she was another engine all together. With Nieve he hadn’t yet discovered where the softness ended and the crazy began. But he liked her hair.

— to be continued by me, or you… —

3 thoughts on “Working Title: Hair

  1. Are you really inviting people to jump in and continue your stories? I see a few things that I would edit or play with here but, overall, I’m intrigued.

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