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As a verb, to humanize means: civilize, improve, refine, polish, educate, soften, cultivate, tame, reclaim, enlighten, mellow. It’s remarkable how all of these definitions are a sum of great qualities.

Is this really what we are as a species?
Were we ever?
Are we losing our innate and greatest potential?
Can all great qualities be self taught?

This blog started with the belief that everything can be self taught.

To learn to write creatively in a second language it’s really not the same as just learning a new language. Creative Writing has much more depth than simple grammar. You have to understand how people communicate on that language and how so many details change from country to country, city to city, town to town, people to people, in order to fully express in that language. I never attended an English Course but I suspect it wouldn’t be enough for me. Being self-taught, I study everyday and shape my mind to fit in a different culture, a new mindset, a new world, over the same Planet Earth.

I’ve heard about foreigners publishing novels in English. Sherry Thomas is a Chinese author that lived in America for 10 years before she started to write her novels in English and by then she claims she already felt 100% native and it would have been harder for her to write the novel in her mother tongue.

I didn’t start writing with a thought toward publication until I’d been in the States ten years. By that time, English had become my primary language. I thought in it–not partly, but entirely.

I never made a choice to write in English. Rather, I couldn’t have done it in any other language. (I needed a dictionary to write in Chinese at that point, because I kept forgetting how characters looked like. And as the vast majority of my reading had been in English for a while, I no longer knew what exactly was good writing in Chinese.)

Sherry Thomas

It was a conscious decision for me. I still dreamed and had all immediate thoughts in portuguese. However, writing in english sounded as the right thing to do. I became completely in love with the flow of my writing when written in english. So in love, that I’ve become obsessed with learning everything that is to learn about the Language and about Creative Writing.

I’m aiming for that natural flow native english speakers already have with their mother tongue. I’m working real hard and aiming for a near-impossible goal: to get even better than most of them and be a published writer of english novels.

I never found a book on English Creative Writing for Foreigners. I’m sharing what could be made into such book one day, while I’m writing my first fictional novel in english. This blog is the help-book I wish I had to help me on this journey and, of course, it’s two steps behind what I already learned by myself. It’s the Help-Kit that I can read-through a second time, so that nothing is forgotten, only improved.

And because I believe all writers must have imaginary friends, I also write it to all of mine, human or not, you’re all welcome.

7 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Love the part about imaginary friends, lol!
    Have I told you how much I love the new layout and the picture as well? No? But I do, I really do. I guess now I actually like your WordPress version better than the old one! ;)

  2. Good luck with your novel writing. If possible, help me grow as an English writer too. I’ll be grateful forever to you :) It’s my dream to be an English writer. I already write Bangla a lot and I’m a technology reporter in a newspaper over here in Bangladesh. But I like English more and that’s why I’m here in the virtual world.

    Hope you will help. :)

  3. Dear Vanessa,

    I am not technologically challenged but for the life of me I cannot find a way to follow your blog. Please tell me what I’m missing.

    Your post about writing in order to see your words and to maybe leave something behind resonated with me, as did your sentence about ‘blogging to a crowd of none’.

    I’d like to talk more with you on the subject.

    Thanks for telling me how you found me. I was lucky to find Madison Woods and I’m beginning to feel that way about you. I want to be part of a community/group that actually does more than just babble on mindlessly.

    Keep writing, Vanessa. And please keep writing me.



    • Hi Doug,

      I forgot that not everyone has WordPress, sorry.

      I just added a new gadget to the first column (bottom of the homepage) so that you can subscribe by email, called “Email Subscription”.

      I don’t know if I’m that interesting, apparently not that much… I’ve been writing about creative writing for more than a year now. Time to face reality.

      I’ll use the energy I have left on my fiction and if I ever come here again you’ll know via email.

      Good luck with your writing.

  4. Hi Vanessa,

    I just got inside from a long shift out in the cold under the stars. I’m here to tell you that your decision to devote the majority of your energy to your fiction writing is a good idea. I started my blog because I needed an outlet for some thoughts about life and serenity and the need to follow my dream. I used it to post several chapters of a book I’d just finished. Looking for reaction/comments. Found them via #TeaserTuesday posts that led to my blog. Bottom line is that you should not be discouraged by lack of ‘followers’. Just write when and where the muse hits you.

    I wish I’d found you sooner, or you me. I would have told you this earlier. I’ll be going back through your posts as time permits. Remember that there are something like 450 million bloggers now and finding an audience is tough sledding. Do keep writing and the audience will find you via your words and work.



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