Books in English – I started with these…

*  These are the books I started with when I decided to only read books in English,
they’re all from libraries in Ireland, so it is a great pleasure to save these covers here and remember the headaches, and the triumphs, and the happiness!  


2 thoughts on “Books in English – I started with these…

  1. I love writing and reading in English but the problem is it is my second language and there is no favorable environment (we say atmosphere) here in Bangladesh to practice English. In fact, I blog in English so that I can develop and improve my writing skill. It is one of my few dreams that someday I will be able to write flawless ;) English and read any book and understand without the frequent help of dictionary. :(

    • It’s a bore to constantly reach for the dictionary, but it’s the only way we’ll learn so we have to keep on doing it.

      I do believe it is crucial that you keep on reading books in English, for all your life. I know I have to.

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